How Ticketing Works At The Rodeo!

There are a few options for tickets at the Bozeman Stampede. We know this can be confusing so we decided to create a little bit of a guide to how our tickets works.

Not some bake sale cash drawer setup!

The Stampede for the last few years has its own Point Of Sale system. This allows us to accurately track inventory and ticket sales throughout the summer and make sure you, the customer gets the best possible experience when going to our rodeo. However, this system gives us a lot of options like processing credit cards and scanning tickets at the gate. Read below to understand how our ticketing works.

Buying Tickets Online

You can buy tickets online before the rodeo usually 30-50 days before the event. This allows you to secure your tickets early and avoid day of lines at the ticket office before the event.You can print your tickets at home. More information on these options below. Visit our ticket page for more information.

Buying Tickets At Murdoch's

We are lucky to have a great partnership with Murdoch's Ranch and Home Supply. If you want to skip online convenience fees we strongly recommend swinging by their 7th Street or Jackrabbit location and picking up a couple of tickets for the family. Make sure you have a couple minutes to spare because these stores are AWESOME! AVAILABLE MIDDLE OF JULY

Buying Tickets At The Gate

Just want to show up and buy a ticket at the gate? Can't blame ya, it's how most people do it and why not here as well. Here is the deal though! Starting about 15-20 minutes before the rodeo these lines get long! People paying with credit cards doesn't make it go any faster. I cant recommend enough buying your tickets early or please get there around 6:00 when the gates open.

Online Ticket Delivery Methods

Print At Home

Simply get an email with all your tickets. Print out the email and show up to be scanned at the gate.

Buy At the Gate

Tickets are available at the gate but seriously this thing sells out. I would recommend you skip the line and buy online.